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Plan8Track Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solution is a completely innovative new safety, security, tracking and performance monitoring device for all vehicle owners and drivers. It generates useful text messages about the position and the status of the vehicle to user definable GSM mobile phones – wherever they are!

Whether you are a car enthusiast, a parent, an established driver, a company director with a fleet of vehicle or a vehicle owner vehicle tracking will appeal to you and works on all mobile networks with a pre paid SIM.

Some Of The Features

Over speed reporting
We can send you an SMS every time your vehicle exceeds the speed limit

Invisible ’security shield’
When enabled every time you park your vehicle our tracker puts up an invisible 100 metre radius security shield around its location. When the vehicle moves outside of this ‘shield’ the tracker alerts you by SMS. Your vehicle might be stolen or towed away – you know about it before they get away!

Curfew breach reporting
The tracker can be set to send an SMS if the vehicle is used outside the permitted hours that you define.

Where are you?
Phone your tracker and hang up and your tracker will send you an SMS back telling you exactly where it is, what direction it is moving and how fast it is going.

Zone in/out reporting
You can set your tracker to send an SMS to a mobile number that you specify when you come into or go out of a specified zone. You may want the person you are visiting to be notified that you will arrive soon so that they can welcome you.

Excessive acceleration reporting
We can report vehicle abuse by monitoring acceleration of your vehicle.

Also ……………………

  • Round trip reporting
  • Time based reporting
  • Distance based reporting
  • Blackbox flight recorder
  • Journey recorder
  • Fastest 0-62 mph reporting
  • Maximum speed reporting
  • Input activated reporting
  • Curfew vehicle immobilisation
  • Journey summary reports

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