S&S Communications Two Way Radio

At S&S Communications, we sell the latest wireless radio communications products, we stock a wide range of two-way radios / Walkie-talkies, accessories and parts from the world is leading manufacturers. 

We also offer the facility to hire radios at very competitive prices!

Ideal for:

  • Security
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Comerical (shops/warehouse)
  • Educational
  • Entertainment

License-Free 446 Radio

Immediate, reliable and cost-effective communication is becoming ever more important to today´s businesses, in order to meet the demands of its customers. Ready-to-use and license-free radios have a range of up to 5 kilometers enabling on-site communications with no call charges - the perfect answer for business users who need to stay in touch with colleagues.

PMR446 is that it can be used by anybody, anywhere - licence free! These radios are an ideal tool for all sorts of users for example in construction, catering, event management, neighbourhood watch, factories, farms. A family could use them whilst walking or rambling.

Licensed Radio

What are the benefits of having a radio license?

  • Ability to encrypt your radio communications
  • No interference from other users
  • Far increased power; better range and penetration.
  • These frequencies are allocated to individuals, groups and business on an individual basis.

Licensed radios are ideal for businesses and organisations where good range and clarity are critical. Applications include large warehouses or sites, security work, large school grounds, sports centres or shopping centres.

Use of licensed radios requires a low-cost business radio (UK General) licence - just one licence will cover your whole organisation. Licensing and administration is covered by the regulator Ofcom.

License Free 446 Radios

License Free 446 Radios

 We stock a selection of Motorola, Vertex, Icom, Cronus and TTi license free radios. Click through to some of the models we stock or call us on 028 302 67108 for more details.

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Licensed Radios

Licensed Radios

We stock a selection of Motorola, Vertex, Icom, and Kenwood licensed radios. Click through to some of the models we stock or call us on 028 302 67108 for more details.

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